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Fanfic Recs: Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings
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Maywind Fanfiction Recommendations

Welcome to my fanfiction recommendations journal. Just like the title says, this is where I post recommendations to fanfictions that I love. The two main fandoms I rec are Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

A great number of the fanfics are slash, meaning they contain homoerotic content. Please note the story rating and the character pairing before proceeding to read the fics. And oh yes, please pay attention to the summary, too. Don't like mpreg? Incest makes you queasy? Please don't click on that specific story link.

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Harry PotterLord of the Rings
  Length  Short Fics (< 2 ch)  Length  Short Fics (< 2 ch)
   Medium Fics (>= 2 ch, < 10 ch)   Medium Fics (>= 2 ch, < 10 ch)
   Long Fics (>= 10 ch, < 40 ch)   Long Fics (>= 10 ch, < 40 ch)
   Epic (>= 40 ch)   Epic (>= 40 ch)
   Series (> 2 stories)   Series (> 2 stories)
  Pairing  Harry/Draco  Race  Dwarves
   Harry/Severus   Elves
   Others/None   Hobbits

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