Windy in May (maywind) wrote in maywind_recs,
Windy in May

[LOTR] Born Upon a Dark Wind by ithiliana (Faramir/Aragorn, Faramir/OC)

Title: Borne Upon a Dark Wind
Author: ithiliana
Rating: NC-17
Length: Long, WIP
The history of Númenor as well as Gondor shows that no race is immune to the lure of evil. In The Return of the King, we are told that the Mouth of Sauron was said to be "of the race of those that are named the Black Númenoreans; for they established their dwellings in Middle-earth during the years of Sauron's domination, and they worshipped him, being enamoured of evil knowledge." This fic's AU premise is that during their long exile, Aragorn's line and many of the Dúnedain joined the Black Númenoreans in worship of Sauron. The date is 3008. Faramir, 25, has been newly appointed Captain in Ithilien. Dark AU that contains non-consensual sex.
Pairing: Faramir/Aragorn, Faramir/OC
Tags: lotr, lotr aragorn, lotr au, lotr faramir, lotr faramir/aragorn, lotr faramir/oc, lotr long, lotr men, lotr original characters
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